Paraclete 特种战术护甲套件 STAK,狼棕色

Paraclete Special Tactics Armor Kit (STAK)

品牌 Paraclete
品名 Special Tactics Armor Kit (STAK)
颜色/尺码 Coyote Brown, Medium
商品号 STAK019-D
年份 2004-2006

Paraclete Special Tactics Armor Kit 组件一览表
商品号 品名 每套件数
RMV720 STS Cutaway Armor Carrier 1 件
DST3A-PAE Level IIIA front and back soft armor 1 套
E-SAPI Front and back multi hit plates 2 件
HPC019 Hard Plate Carrier with Cummerbund 1 件
RCV019 Low Profile Soft Armor Holder 1 件
AFP019-9 Double 9mm Magazine Pouches 1 件
ATX077 Triple M4/.45/9mm Magazine Pouches 2 件
ADP40MM Double M4 Magazine Pouches with 40mm pocket 4 件
ATXSSTS Triple M4+Frag+Smoke Grenade w/ Fastex Closure 2 件
SMC077 SAW Drum / 2 Qt. Canteen Pouches 2 件
RSQC0817 1 Qt. Canteen Pouches With No Lining 2 件
FLS019 Strobe Light Pouches 2 件
RLU019 Large Universal Radio Pouch 1 件
NVG019STK NOD Pocket Strobe Pouch 1 件
GPS019 Small General Purpose Pouches 2 件
GPL019 Medium General Purpose Pouches 2 件
LCB019 Carry Bag 1 件

STS 快拆护甲背心(STS Cutaway Armor Carrier)


IIIA防护等级前后软甲内衬(Level IIIA front and back soft armor)




前后多次命中防护防弹板(Front and back multi hit plates)



带腰封硬质防弹板背心(Hard Plate Carrier with cummerbund)


低调/内穿式软甲背心(Low Profile Soft Armor Holder)


双联 9mm 手枪弹匣包(Double 9mm Magazine Pouches)



三联 M4/.45/9mm 弹匣包(Triple M4/.45/9mm Magazine Pouch)


双夹 M4 弹匣包带 40mm 榴弹袋(Double M4 Magazine Pouches with 40mm pocket)


三联插扣开合 M4+破片手雷+烟雾弹包(M4+Frag+Smoke Grenade w/ Fastex Closure)



SAW 弹鼓/两夸脱水壶包(SAW Drum / 2 Qt. Canteen Pouch)


无内衬一夸脱水壶包(1 Qt. Canteen Pouch With No Lining)


闪光求生灯包(Strobe Light Pouch)


大号通用电台包(Large Universal Radio Pouch)


夜间观瞄器材/求生灯包(NOD Pocket Strobe Pouch)


小号杂物包(Small General Purpose Pouch)


中号杂物包(Medium General Purpose Pouch)


收纳携行包(Carry Bag)



Pararescuemen from the 48th Rescue Squadron watch as a 55th RQS HH-60 prepares to land for evacuation procedures during exercise Angel Thunder. Angel Thunder is a combat search and rescue task force exercise designed to test theater spin-up capabilities and examine the integration of all Air Force assets in mission planning procedures and mission execution. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt Lanie McNeal)
Capt. Eric Lederer relays information for a call for fire as his fellow rescueman provides cover during Exercise Angel Thunder July 16 at Gila Bend, Ariz. Captain Lederer is a 48th Rescue Squadron combat pararescue officer from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. The exercise is designed to provide realistic combat search and rescue training for Airmen in combat rescue forces. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Lanie McNeal)